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Local, Mobile, and Toll Free Numbers in:
  • 100+ Countries
  • 4,000+ Cities
  • 8,000+ Area Codes

If you're a wholesaler, a calling card company, hosted PBX provider, call center, or simply want a virtual presence in other countries then Magic Telecom's origination service can supply the DID numbers and capacity that you need.


Extensive network of interconnections

Magic Telecom's SIP origination service allows incoming calls to your numbers to be easily delivered to your network via SIP signaling. International and domestic inbound traffic to your purchased DIDs is transported from the PSTN (wireless or wire-line calls) and onto Magic Telecom's network of IP enabled call switches. Calls are converted into SIP and signaled to your network via an IP interconnection anywhere in the world.

On-net and off-net DIDs

We provide two types of DIDs. On-net DIDs are those from our very own facilities based networks where we hold telecom licenses. Some of our largest networks are located North America (USA) and Europe (UK).

Off-net DIDs are those that we can source from any of our trusted partners, which enables us to provide DIDs from markets where we don't currently have facilities. By offering both on-net and off-net DIDs, we can ensure that we can fill all of your needs.

Self-service and managed accounts

All our on-net DIDs are in stock and available for instant ordering via your simple-to-use online dashboard. DIDs that are not in our own inventory are automatically sourced through APIs from our suppliers.

Our online account portal allows customers to easily search for DIDs, provision DIDs, and make instant changes to routing configurations. Reporting is available to easily view any outstanding orders and download CDRs.

Self Service

You'll also have access to our dedicated account managers who are always available if you need additional support. They are able to set up and manage your account day-to-day, as well as handle payments and queries about your services.

Tailored contracts for businesses large and small

In addition to all this, Magic Telecom offers very competitive pricing. We don't force you into any minimum monthly commitments like many of our competitors do meaning you have the flexibility and freedom you need.

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