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Premium voice termination across all 50 states

Magic Telecom provides USA termination services using an extensive managed network of interconnections with diverse wireless, wireline, and VoIP carriers. This allows for highest quality and competitive rates.


Premium and flat rate services

We offer highly competitive LRN-based rate decks (NPANXX), which enhance the quality and depth of your LCR or can be utilized as a single provider for your customer's needs. We can terminate domestic long-distance traffic with High ASR and low PDD using our rate decks that includes over 150,000 USA prefixes.

We also offer Domestic Dynamic flat rate pricing, this allows your traffic to terminate any USA call at an easy to manage single flat rate. High cost destinations are included within pre-agreed proportions.

Online dashboard and dedicated account manager

Through your personal dashboard and services areas you can simply manage all your termination activity, order DIDs, view financial information and recent CDRs. You can also easily update your IP addresses or download your rate decks.

Termination Service

If this isn't enough, then our dedicated account managers are always on hand to offer additional support or even manage your account for you.

Direct links through our own network

Magic Telecom has the upper hand over many of our competitors. Rather than just simply being a wholesaler, we actually own and operate our own physical USA phone network.

As a registered CLEC company we can exchange calls directly to the PSTN where we have facilities. We also hold strong relationships with many other partner CLECs, which means we can terminate calls with much fewer network hops and can guarantee much higher quality.

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