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Price Per Number $22.00$11.00

Pricing above is for 1 DID. Capacity (trunk channels) to receive inbound calls must be purchased separately. Many locations can share trunk channels. Click here to see all of the trunk and channel pricing.

DID Coverage for Turkey

  • Ankara (90312)
  • Istanbul - Europe (90212)
  • Istanbul - Asia (90216)
  • National (90850)
  • Antalya (90242)
  • Izmir (90232)


DIDs in this country are subject to the following restrictions:

Cannot be used for calling card and callback services

SLA is not available due to the regulatory environment in the region and the services may be disconnected at any time

Required verification

To purchase DIDs in this country, you will need the following requirements:

Turkish National ID card copy (both sides)

Turkish mobile phone number (verification code will be sent to this mobile number)

Latest invoice for Turkish mobile number

PLEASE NOTE: In case registration process is performed under a company name, the company registration certificate shall be provided instead of passport or ID copy.

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